Rules and Regulations

A. School Time
School time is from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm.By 8.30 am every pupil must be inside the school campus unless there is an emergency no child is expected to reach the school before 7.45 am. The pupil who comes early to the school must make use of the time as study hour. Nobody is permitted to have any kind of games during the morning hours

B. Catholic Institution

It’s a Catholic Institution registered under the Society of Presentation Sisters With a special objective to promote the minority. Priority will be given to catholic children in case choice occurs during the admission. There will be Prayer Services/Holy Mass for the catholic children every month on the first Fridays

C. Course of Study
Presentation offers the 10+2 year pattern of education, under
Kerala Syllabus. English is the medium of instruction. Malay-
alam will be the compulsory first language from 1 to 10 classes.

D. Admissions and Withdrawals

  1. Aadhar is Compulsory at the time of admission.
  2. Admissions are accepted by the school authorities depend- ing upon the norms of selection and the availability of seats.
  3. Every candidate for admission must be introduced by the parents/guardians who will be responsible for his/her conduct,
    progress in studies and discipline.
  4. The Headmistress reserves the right of refusing admission
    to a pupil without ascribing any reason for it. She also reserves
    the right of refusing continued studies to any pupil whose con-
    duct is found unsatisfactory or who is not benefiting by his/
    her study in this school or is a bad influence on others.
  5. Transfer certificate will be issued two days after having re-
    ceived the application by the parent/ guardian. Clearance of
    the dues including the fees till date is a prerequisite to receive
    the same.
  6. 6Duplicates of TC will be issued when the request is sup-
    ported by a notarized affidavit, stating the reason for the re-

E. Suspension and Dismissal (KER ch IX. R6)

  1. Irregular attendance, habitual misbehaviour, disobedience,
    defiance of authority, lack of sufficient effort to improve in
    studies, distorted friendship, conduct against the moral tone
    of the school, destruction of school properties and parental
    non-cooperation with the staff or the school authorities are
    sufficient reasons for dismissal of a student.
  2. Honesty is expected of every student in all dealings and
    behaviour. Hence acts of dishonesty in any form (e.g. copying
    / attempt to copy in the exams/tests, lying, robbery etc.) will
    be dealt with very seriously, including dismissal without any
  3. Pupils are responsible to conduct themselves well in and
    outside the school. Hence misbehavior in public places,
    streets and conveyances are sufficient reasons for dismissal
    from school.
  4. If any instance of ragging is reported, after giving an op-
    portunity of being heard and if found guilty, the punishment
    shall be ex-pulsion.
  5. Due respect and cooperation with the school authority is

F. Attendance

  1. Students and teachers have to attend the morning assembly.
    A respectful posture is expected of every one during prayer.
    The Morning hymn and the National Anthem should be sung
    by all in the proper manner.
  2. Late comers shall report to the Headmistress/ teacher
    designated. Habitual late coming will not be tolerated.
  3. Students suffering from contagious diseases will not be
    permitted to attend classes.
    Students Diary 2019-20 18
  4. Regular attendance in class is an important factor of good
  5. Pupils should not be absent from school without permission. If required a written request signed by the parent must be
    submitted in advance. Leave will be granted only on valid and
    serious reasons. The same should be recorded in the handbook
    in the Leave Record page and signed by the Parent. When the
    student returns to school this should be countersigned by the
    Headmistress/ Class teacher and produced before entering the
  6. Due to unavoidable reasons if a student does not apply for
    leave and is absent, on his return, a letter of apology for the ab-
    sence should be submitted to the Headmistress along with the
    entry and signature of the parent in the page for the Absence
    Record. The signature of the Headmistress/ Class teacher must
    be obtained before entering the class.
  7. Half – day leave is not granted to students as a rule. Once
    they come to the school, they have to attend the whole day.
    Nevertheless the parents’ request in person shall be considered
    in case of a special need.
  8. Once the students are in the school campus in the morn-
    ing they are not allowed to go out of the campus till evening.
    In case of emergency permission must be obtained from the
  9. In case of serious illness that requires leave of more than
    three days, the Headmistress must be informed in writing and
    a medical certificate must be submitted on return to school.
  10. Students who absent themselves without leave application for 15 continuous working days will be removed from the rolls. Once removed, their readmission is left to the discretion of the Head-mistress. In such cases, admission fees will have to b paid.
  11. Attendance will be compulsory on Independence Day, Re- public Day, Presentation Day, Onam Celebration, School Ka- lolsavam, Sports day, Christmas Celebration, Annual day etc.

G. Discipline

  1. An atmosphere of silence must be maintained by everyone
    during working hours in class rooms, staff rooms, office and its
    premises. There by maintaining a standard of discipline.
  2. All pupils should be in full uniform on all working days. Pu-
    pil coming to school without full uniform will not be allowed
    to sit in the class.
  3. In order to improve the handwriting and avoid the use of
    plastics, students are not allowed to use ball pens, instead use
    only fountain pens.
  4. Students shall not enter any classroom other than their own
    at any time. They are expected to take care of their belongings.
    They may not bring to school valuables, curious articles, maga-
    zines etc.
  5. All Students shall be punctual and regular in attending the
    class, preparing the lessons and doing their homeworks.
  6. Every pupil shall respectfully greet the teachers on meeting
    them in the school premises and outside the school.
  7. When the teacher enters the class room, the pupils shall rise
    and remain standing till they are asked to sit or till the teacher
    takes his / her seat.
  8. No pupil shall leave his / her class room during working
    hours without the permission of the teacher.
  9. No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during
    school hours, including the recess without the written permis-
    sion of the Headmistress. Neither are they allowed to hand any
    money to the security guard to buy things from outside
  10. In the school campus, the students and staff are expected to
    speak only in English except in the language classes. Each one
    should keep high, the refined tone of the school by excelling in
    good manners.
  11. No pupil shall use bubble gum or chewing gum in the
    school premises.

H. School Uniform
Uniform material shall be purchased from the school tailor-
ing centre and stitched there itself. School uniform decorum
should be followed. Low waist trousers and skirts are strictly
prohibited. Socks should be long enough to reach up to the
knee. Badges and Belt for boys must be purchased from the
school itself.
The Prescribed Uniform is :
From Monday to Thursday – Blue and White Uniform
on Fridays – White Uniform
1) Class 1-5:
i) Boys:
a) Dark blue shorts
b) Half-sleeves white shirt
c) Black shoes with lace & white socks (up to knee)
d) Dark blue tie and belt (to be purchased from the school)
e) Short normal hairstyle

ii) Girls: a) Dark blue pinafore -(to reach below the knees)
b) Half -sleeves white shirt.
c) Black shoes with buckles & white socks up to knee.
d) Hair should be center parted and plaited in two with
black ribbon.
e) Dark blue tie and belt (to be purchased from the school)
2) Class 6-10:
i) Boys:
a) Dark blue pants
b) Half -sleeves white shirt
c) Black shoes with lace & white socks.
d) Dark blue tie and belt (to be purchased from the school)
e) Short normal hairstyle
ii) Girls:
a) Dark blue skirt—(to reach below the knees)
b) Half-sleeves white shirt and tie.
c) Dark blue over coat-(to reach up to the waist)
d) Black shoes with buckles & white socks up to knee.
e) Hair should be center parted and plaited in two with black ribbon.
3) Students are permitted to wear colored dress on their birth-
day. Avoid bringing chocolates to celebrate birthdays as the
wrappers will litter the compound. Instead, the money saved
can be contributed to the poor fund or a book can be donated
to the school library.
4) In order to make our school a plastic free zone, plastic prod-
ucts (including water bottles, tiffin/snacks box and plastic cov-
ers) are not permitted into the school compound.

the warning bell, all must proceed to where it summons them, without delay. After the 2nd bell children should keep perfect silence.

3) Late Comers will not be allowed to attend the first period. Consequently, they will lose half a day’s attendance.

4) During midterm tests / monthly tests, if the examinations are held during the first period or any period the students will not be permitted to leave the school soon after. He/she will have to remain in school for the rest of the day. Such situations can be best avoided by skipping the concerned examinations for the day only if absolutely necessary.

5) Class Decorum:- A student’s behaviour should be such as to bring honour to himself/herself; his / her family and to the school. Genuine love and respect towards teachers are important values in our Indian tradition of the teacher-student relationship. The school aims at inculcating this in the children.
The religious services and religious classes arranged for students are geared to genuine and solid religious experience. Seminars and personality guidance programmes are arranged with this aim in view. Students are expected to attend them compulsorily and profit from these experiences.
Moral Science class, Meditation, class prayers and reflections will be regularly conducted to develop moral and spiritual values.

6) Perfect discipline is expected from the students. Indiscipline will be dealt with strictly. Students must be well behaved both in the class and outside.

7) A student found cheating in the examination is liable to be expelled from the school.

8) Good conduct is a must. Any student found behaving badly or using vulgar language will be appropriately punished.

9) No student shall use tobacco or intoxicant in any form or bubble gum, chewing gum or paan in the school premises. Bringing personal magazines and storybooks to school is prohibited.


a) All should respect and take pride in the school property and treat it as their own. Avoid defacing the walls, damaging furniture or throwing about bits or rubbish.
b) Water taps should be closed after using them.
c) Switch off lights and fans when you leave the class.

11) The liability of any damage done by the student to school property is on the parent or the guardian who has to pay for it within 15 days.

12) No student is allowed to remain on the school premises after class hours.

13) Except in language classes, only English must be spoken in the school.

14) The student is responsible for the safety of his / her belongings. The school assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the pupil.

15) The school shall not be held responsible for any illness, injury, accident or mishaps to any student.

16) When special classes are being taken by the teachers to complete the portions, attendance is compulsory. Any child who is absent for it will have to produce valid reasons for their absence.

17) Science Laboratories
a) The school is blessed with spacious and well-equipped labs with excellent facilities to cater to the growing demands of the present educational system. There are laboratories to cater to deferent subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Each of these is a lab par excellence.
b) Students are expected to avail the lab opportunities provided to them to the optimum.
c) They have to take utmost care of the equipments during any experimental operations. Any lapse on their part while handling lab equipment will entail a fine or even replacement of the same by them.
d) Students should be aware that the lab exists to develop their scientific aptitudes hence it is mandatory to maintain absolute silence while the sessions are in progress.

18) School library
a) The School Library helps the students to enrich their knowledge. Students are requested to make maximum profit out of it.
b) The working hours of the library will be the same as of the school.
c) Staff and students are eligible to borrow books from the library as follows:-
1. Teaching Staff – 4 books 2. Others – 1 book
d) Reference book is meant for use only inside the library.
e) Books borrowed ought to be returned within a fortnight. The same books can be renewed for a further period depending on its availability in the meantime.
f) An overdue charge of 25 paise per volume per day will be charged if a book is kept beyond this stipulated period of the loan.
g) In the event of a student losing a book he/she will have to pay double the cost of the book and not just the actual cost.

19) Use of Telephone:-
a) Avoid phone calls to the convent during the prayer hours.
(5.00am to 7.15am and 6.30pm to 8.00pm)
b) Students may not be summoned to answer telephone calls while attending class.
c) The detailed information regarding any particular matter may be collected personally from the persons concerned. Avoid phone calls.

20.) School Uniforms:
a) School uniform is a must for all students without which nobody will be allowed to attend the class.
b) Each student should have two sets of blue uniforms and one set of white uniform (to be worn on Fridays only). The uniforms should be stitched according to the prescribed pattern of the school.
c) Ties and badges must be bought from the school itself.
d) Children are permitted to wear coloured dresses on their birthdays.
e) Girls should plait their hair neatly.
f) Gold ornaments and other personal decorative article are strictly prohibited.